China VS India: Whose navy is more powerful in the Indian 0cean

India's total maritime border is about 7516.6 km, such a large border protects India's strong and powerful navy. The Indian Navy is always active in the Indian Ocean to protect India's interests. Any country uses navy to protect its coast, sea lanes, and trade routes, as well as to conduct offenses towards pirates and ports of other countries.

Talking about the navy firepower of 2020, the strength of the Indian navy has increased considerably, India's current government has given a lot of attention to military modernization, including the modernization of the navy.

The sea area of ​​India is connected to the Indian Ocean. The trade route of the entire world passes through the Indian Ocean, which makes the Indian Ocean an important strategic trade sea route, which is a huge strategic opportunity for India. India has full control of the Indian Ocean, the security of the entire Indian Ocean rests with the Indian navy.

Pakistan and China continue to challenge India in the Indian Ocean, India's relations with Pakistan and China have never been better, India has fought many wars with these two countries. Indian navy is getting the most challenge from China. India is making the navy even more than strong in the Indian 0cean given to see all this problem.

Indian navy is the seventh most powerful navy in the world. It has 67,000 active personnel, including 10,000 officers and 57,240 sailors.

Father of Indian Navy

Shivaji is the demonstrated great skill in creating his military organization. He built a strong naval presence across the coast of Konkan and Goa to protect sea trade. The navy under a Shivaji was so strong that the Marathas could hold theirs against the British, Portugal, and Dutch.

Naval power china and India 2020

* Total number of Aircraft carrier

India - 1 China - 2

* Total n number of submarine

India - 16 China - 74

* Total number of Destroyer

India - 10 China - 36

* Total number of frigates

India - 13 China - 52

* Total number of Mine Warfare Ship

India - 3 China - 29

* Total number coastal patrol ship

India - 139 China - 220

Nuclear warheads

* Total number of nuclear warhead

India - 150 China - 320

Case study of Aircraft carrier (India and China)

India has one aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya, second aircraft carrier INS Vikrant which is in the undersea trial. INS Vikramaditya is a modified Kiev-class aircraft carrier. The range of INS Vikramaditya is 7000 nm.

The 44,500t short take-off, but assisted recovery (STOBAR) aircraft carrier can carry more than 30 aircraft, including MiG 29K / Sea Harrier, Sea King, Kamov 31, and Kamov 28 helicopters, as well as HAL-built Chetak helicopters.

India needs three aircraft carriers to monitor the entire Indian Ocean, at the present time India is using one aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya, the second Aircraft carrier INS Vikrant is in the undersea trial and the third aircraft carrier developing process is being discussed on the proposal to make it, its blueprint is still in underprocessing. India has developed two more aircraft carriers, so China and Pakistan will be not capable to challenge India in the Indian Ocean reason.

China has two aircraft carriers, CNS Liaoning and CNS Shandong. Inducted into the People's Liberation Army Navy in 2012. The range of Liaoning is 7130 km. operates at a speed of 53.7kmph, and can carry up to 24 J-15 fighter aircraft, six Z-8 helicopters, and four Kamov Ka-31 helicopters. CNS Shandong operates 36 Jf15s fighter jets.

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