Pubg Gun - Dp 27 ( Degtyaryov machine gun ) world war 2 gun

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Pubg Gun - Dp 27 ( Degtyaryov machine gun ) world war 2 gun

Dp - 27 Light machine gun, used by the Soviet Union. DP - 27 machine gun firing in a 7 × 54mmR cartridge. is. This light machine gun was deployed in 1928 after several trials. ww 2 The DP-27 was deployed despite the Soviet Union's infantry having an LMG (Light Machine Gun), in addition to making some changes to the DP-27, it was used as a flexible defensive weapon in aircraft. The production of the DP 27 was improved in 1943, but was replaced a few years later in 1946 with its next version RP 46 Gun. Some important changes were made to the RP 46 gun, due to which this gun became better than DP 27 .

Today the name of DP-27 is more heard in a game, the name of that game is PUBG. , In PUBG game this light machine gun is known as PUBG - DP 27. The PUBG - DP 27 gun is a great and favorite weapon for pubg game players. Due to PUBG game, many people want to know about DP 27.

Dp - 27 लाइट मशीन गन है , जो सोवियत संघ द्वारा इस्तेमाल की जाती थी। DP - 27 मशीन गन 7 × 54mmR कार्ट्रिज में फायर करती है। इस लाइट मशीन गन की कई परीक्षण होने के बाद 1928 मे इसकी तैनाती हुई। WW2 मे सोवियत संघ की पैदल सेना मे LMG (Light Machine Gun) होने के बावजूद DP - 27 की तैनाती की गई थी , इसके अलावा DP - 27 मे कुछ बदलाव करके विमान में इसका उपयोग एक लचीले रक्षात्मक हथियार के रूप में किया गया था । 1943 मे DP 27 के उत्पादन मे सुधार किया गया था , लेकिन कुछ सालो बाद 1946 मे इसके अगले version RP 46 गन के साथ इसे बदल दिया गया । RP 46 गन मैं कुछ जरूरी बदलाव किये गए थे जिसके कारण ये गन DP 27 से और बेहतरीन बन गया।

आज के समय DP -27 का नाम एक गेम मे ज्यादा सुनते है उस गेम का नाम PUBG है , PUBG गेम मे इस लाइट मशीन गन को PUBG - DP 27 के नाम से जानते है। PUBG - DP 27 गन pubg गेम खेलने वालों का एक बेहतरीन और पसंदीदा हथियार है। PUBG गेम की वजह से DP 27 के बारे मे बहुत लोग जानना चाहते है।

Type - Dp machine gun

Place of origin - Soviet Union

In service - 1928 - 1960

Designer - Vasily Degtyaryov

Designed. - 1927

No built - 7, 95 000 ( All variants)

Variants DP . DPT DPM DPA DTM-4 RP-46 Type 53

Rate of fire - 550 RPM

Pubg Gun - Dp 27 ( Degtyaryov machine gun ) world war 2 gun


DP 27 was a light machine gun, designed for the Red Army of the Soviet Union in the 1920s. The first test model of the DP 27 was the DP 26. The first test model, led by Vasily Digtyrev ( 1880 - 1949) , built two test guns each from 27 September 1929 - 1926 and 5,000 rounds were fired, during which weaknesses in the extractor and firing pin mechanisms. Was detected Following design improvements, two more guns were tested and tested in December of 1926, leading to 40,000 rounds of firing under adverse conditions, resulting in only .6% stagnation. However, changes to the bolt carrier and chamber locking mechanism were still required. After repairing this gun, now called DP-27. The DP27 was tested by the Red Army in 1927 at the Kovrov plant on 19–21 January, all tests were passed and orders were made for manufacture. The gun was tested for a full year.

As with most other light machine guns of WWII, the DP-27 was designed to fire the same 7.62×54mmR (R indicating Rimmed) ammunition as the main Soviet infantry battle rifle, the Mosin-Nagant, much simplifying ammunition logistics for Soviet infantry units. Of typical Russian design philosophy, the DP-27 was a sturdy and simple gun that was easy and cheap to manufacture, and could be relied upon to perform even in the most adverse conditions; it was capable of withstanding being buried in dirt, mud, or sand and still operating consistently. However it had a low rate of fire when compared to its main wartime rival, the German MG 34 / MG 42 series, firing at a rate of 550rpm as compared to tlrpm of the German light machine guns.

The operating mechanism of the DP-27 was gas - operated using a Kjellmann-Friberg flap locking design to lock the bolt against the chamber until the round had left the barrel, aided by a recoil spring. Ammunition came in the form of a 47-round circular pan magazine that attached to the top of the receiver. It was this disc-shaped, rotating magazine that led Soviet soldiers to call the DP, in typical soldier slang, the "record player".

Its main parts were a removable barrel with an integrated flash suppresor and gas cylinder, a receiver with the rear sight, a perforated barrel shroud/guide with the front sight, the bolt and locking flaps, the bolt carrier and gas piston rod, a recoil spring, stock and trigger mechanism group, a bipod for firing from prone positions, and the previously-mentioned pan magazine. In total, the first versions contained only 80 parts, indicating both the simplicity and ease of manufacture of the design. Early versions had 26 transverse cooling fins machined into the barrel, but it was found that these had little cooling effect and so were deleted in 1938, further easing manufacture.

DP Series The whole gun which was the major problem, was the rate of fire. The rate of fire of these guns was very low. Another weakness of this gun was that it was damaging pan magazines. The Biplab mechanism was likely to be weak and likely to fail if not handled with care. During the summer, its barrel was rapidly heated, due to which this gun could not work with its full capacity.

At the same time DP 27 had no match with the German gun MG-34 / MG-42, because the rate of fire of the MG-34 / MG-42 was very good, the German gun. The special thing was that their barrel did not heat up quickly.

Pubg Gun - Dp 27 ( Degtyaryov machine gun ) world war 2 gun

DP 27 एक हल्की मशीन गन थी , जो 1920 के दशक मे सोवियत संघ की रेड आर्मी के लिए बनाया गया था । DP 27 का पहला टेस्ट मॉडल DP 26 था। जिसे वसीली डिग्ट्येरे ( 1880 - 19) नेतृत्व में, पहला टेस्ट मॉडल बनाया गया था , 27 सितंबर 1 1929 - 1926 , से प्रत्येक में दो टेस्ट गन का निर्माण किया गया और 5,000 राउंड फायर किए गए, जिसके दौरान एक्सट्रैक्टर और फायरिंग पिन मैकेनिज्म में कमजोरियों का पता चला । डिजाइन सुधार के बाद, 1926 के दिसंबर में दो और गन का और परीक्षण किया गया, जिससे प्रतिकूल परिस्थितियों में 40,000 राउंड फायरिंग हुई, जिसके परिणामस्वरूप केवल .6% ठहराव हुआ। हालांकि, बोल्ट वाहक और चैम्बर लॉकिंग तंत्र में परिवर्तन अभी भी आवश्यक थे। इस गन को सुधारने के बाद, जिसे अब DP-27 कहा जाता है। DP 27 का परीक्षण लाल सेना द्वारा 1927 में 19-21 जनवरी को कोवरोव प्लांट में किया गया था, सभी परीक्षणों को पारित करने और निर्माण के लिए आर्डर दिया गया था। पूरे एक वर्ष तक इस गन का परीक्षण किया गया।

DP सीरीज सारी गन जो मेजर प्रॉब्लम थी , वो rate of fire की थी । इन गन्स का rate of fire काफी कम था। इस गन की एक ओर कमजोरी ये थी की है pan magazines को damaze कर रहे थे। बिप्लब तंत्र कमजोर होने की संभावना थी और देखभाल के साथ संभाला नहीं जाने पर विफल होने की संभावना थी। गर्मी के समय इसका barrel तेज़ी से गर्म हो जाता था , जिसके कारण ये गन अपनी पूरी छमता के साथ काम नही कर पाता था। इसी के साथ जर्मन गन MG-34/MG-42 के साथ DP 27 का कोई मुकाबला नही था , क्योकि MG-34/MG-42 का rate of fire बहूत ही बेहतरीन था , जर्मन गन की खास बात ये थी की इनका बैरल जल्दी गर्म नही होता था।



DPM was a modern machine gun which was taken into service in 1943 - 1944 in the Soviet Union Army. In this machine gun, the Bipod was fastened into a tube from the rear of the receiver with a cooling jacket and fastow spring, which gives the gun more accuracy.


DA-2 machine gun Soviet version of the Soviet Union bomber aircraft Tupolev TB-3 I and with it Polikarpov R-5 and Polikarpov PO-2 Army cooperation was fitted in early versions of the aircraft. The DA weight 7.1 kg with 11.5 kg with empty and standard ammunition loads. The rate of fire was 600 rounds per minute. It was built between 1928 and March 1930 with 1,200 units. It was soon separated by ShKAS, which had a very high rate of fire.


metallic-belt fed version adopted in 1946 with a heavier barrel to allow prolonged sustained fire. About 500 rounds could be fired continuously before the barrel had to be swapped or allowed to cool down. Also had a user-adjustable gas system, with three holes of varying diameters provided, to cope with varying environmental conditions and residue buildup. Although the empty weight of the RP-46 exceeded that of DP by 2.5 kg, when considered together with a single ammo box of 250 rounds, the RP-46 weighed 10 kg less than the DP together with the same amount of ammunition in DP pans. The RP-46 remained in Soviet service for 15 years before it was replaced ( together with the RPM ) PK machine gun.

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